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MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant
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MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant


TEENWIN Membrane Bio-reactor is a new technology for sewage & waste-water treatment application,which is a combination of membrane separation & biochemical technologies.Hollow fiber module (in MBR sheet) separate the water from biochemical reaction tank. It is effective to separate water from mixed liquid & solid via a membrane hollow fiber with 0.1micron pore,and the activated sludge will be always stayed in the tank,so it can degrade macro-molecular organics & digest nitrogen & phosphorus etc. Apply MBR technology,removal percentage of pollution can be up to:COD BOD≥93%,SS & Bacteria removal >99.99%;outlet water is with a excellent quality,the water can be recycle to car wash,garden,irrigation,toilet flushing,daily cleaning and even for drinking purpose after with further treatment with reverse osmosis.

Scope of application:village,villa,school,hospital,factory,slaughterhouse and farm etc.

The characteristics of TEENWIN MBR wastewater treatment system:

1) the solid liquid separation can be carried out efficiently,the suspended matter in the waste water,the colloidal substance,the biological unit flow.The lost microbial flora is separated from the purified water,and the separation process is simple,the area is small,and the water quality is good.Generally do not need to be treated with three levels can be reused.

2) the biomass can be maintained at high concentration in the biological treatment unit, so that the volume load is greatly improved.The high efficiency of the membrane separation makes the hydraulic retention time of the treatment unit greatly shortened,and the area of the bioreactor is occupied.Corresponding reduction.

3) due to the prevention of the loss of a variety of microbial flora, it is conducive to slow growth of bacteria (Nitrification bacteria,etc.).The growth of bacteria,so that a variety of metabolic processes in the system smoothly.

Flow chart of TEENWIN Integrated MBR Bio-reactor

MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Description of the Process flow:

Raw sewage from septic tank first pass through screen to remove substances that may clog or scratch the membrane,then flow into homogenize pool,by adjusting the water quality and quantity in the homogenize pool,reduce the uneven drainage problem of the sewage, sewage is pumped into the anoxic tank by the lift pump.In the anoxic pool, anoxic microorganism broken down the macro-molecular organic matter into small molecule organic matter,that make the sewage easier to be processed,meanwhile,can remove some pollutants such as COD BOD etc.

The anoxic pool water overflow into the MBR bio-reactor,sewage with activated sludge mixed fully in the membrane separation pool,most of the organic matter is decomposed by aerobic microbial,and by the membrane separation,most microorganisms and organic matter were intercepted in MBR pool,that can keep high sludge concentration,MBR tank returned Sludge into anoxic tank for denitrifying denitrification.

Sewage was pumped out from MBR tank after biochemical treatment ,discharge environment after ultraviolet treatment.

TEENWIN wastewater treatment parameters:

MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

The advantages of TEENWIN hollow fiber membrane in MBR system

1)Can withstand higher internal pressure

Compared with ordinary PVDF hollow fiber reinforced membrane, TY-MBR Hollow fiber membrane super internal pressure greater damage pressure.Able to withstand long-term backwash operation without damage in the required conditions, has a longer service life.

2) not easy to damage, more easier to clean

The surface of TY-MBR hollow fiber membrane super scratch resistant ability, compared with the common PVDF hollow fiber reinforced membrane is not easy to damage.The cleaning process can be used in certain pressure water cleaning,cleaning more convenient,meanwhile,TY-MBR hollow fiber membrane with super hydrophilic modification of PVDF alloy as the main Filter material. The surface structure of the filter layer is compact,makes all kinds of impurities only stay on the surface of the filter membrane.It can not enter Filter layer. During the cleaning process,it is easy to wash,high capacity of flux recovery after cleaning.

3) super large flux, good hydrophilicity, strong anti pollution ability

TY-MBR hollow fiber super membrane using modified PVDF as the main raw material,after hydrophilic treatment and anti fouling modification,the increase of the bond strength between the PVDF filter and the reinforcing material is improved.Flux and anti fouling ability of PVDF filter membrane.Fluxes and use life of TY-MBR hollow fiber membranes in the peer leading level. TY-MBR hollow fiber,compared with PP hollow fiber filter membrane,the flux of the super membrane increased by 3~5 times.

4)the filtration precision is high, and the retention is good.

Currently for sewage treatment membrane on the market,mostly microfiltration membrane TY-MBR hollow fiber super film belongs to asymmetric membrane, made of a thin, dense skin layer and a supporting sponge.The inner layer Stable structure, high surface filtration accuracy.It can filter out fine dust, rust, bacteria and yeast cells,large size,colloid and other impurities.

5) high strength and long service life

TY-MBR hollow fiber super high strength support technology developed by Teenwin company. The tensile strength and compressive strength of the product is much higher than that of the similar products.Tensile strength is greater than 120MPa,curtain type sewage treatment assembly, it is not easy to break the membrane wire in the using process.The service life is 2~3 times long than the hollow fiber filter membrane of PP material. hollow fiber super membrane module can be used in the modular design Compact structure,less Use area,full size specifications,better replace the traditional process.

TEENWIN MBR project cases

Teenwin wastewater treatment plant for school in Inner Mongolia

MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Teenwin wastewater treatment plant for apartment in China

MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Teenwin wastewater treatment plant for food factory in Philippines

MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Teenwin wastewater treatment plant for factory in China

MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

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