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Teenwin sewage treatment plant pioneers Mongolia's wastewater fight

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A TEENWIN sewage plant in Erdos, Inner Mongolia province has played an integral role in the city's fight against water pollution for more than a decade.The wastewater mainly comes from households, with some emanating from the manufacturing industry, which is then piped out to the plant to be processed.During primary treatment, the sewage passes through several filters which separates the water from solid waste sediment, while secondary treatment sees the remaining liquid pass through a series of biological processes to catch missed organic matter.The treated water easily meets the nation's highest standards with TEENWIN technology.

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A contrast of untreated sewage wastewater after primary treatment and after secondary treatment (from left to right)

Teenwin farm sewage treatment plant

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TEENWIN plant is built in Guangdong province,China to treat wastewater for a pig farm. Its treatment capacity is 800m3 per day and water after treatment will be reused for agriculture.TEENWIN plant not only solve the waste problem but also get clean energy and clean water. Our goal is toward a resource efficient and pollution free China.We hope,through our effort, moving to green technologies and eco innovation offer economic and employment opportunities. 

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