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Industrial Large Biogas Plant
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Industrial Large Biogas Plant


Industrial Large Biogas Plant

Teenwin large biogas plant is made of special titanium alloy steel plate, sealing materials, special materials such as self-locking bolt, it is against strong acid, strong alkali and abrasion. The strength of titanium alloy steel plate enamel is twice of ordinary steel plate. Enamel coating not only prevents the tank plate corrosion, but also has the resistance to acid, alkali and with extremely strong abrasion resistance. The plates are overlapped and self-locking bolts and special sealing constructions meet the requirements of fast installation. The enamel tank could be integrated with double membrane into a system, to collect and storage biogas, which save the space of the project site and save the cost.

TEENWIN biogas plant can be used

for farm to treat the animal waste,

for food processing factory and fruit processing factory to treat the waste,

for the slaughterhouse to treat the waste,

for the restaurant to treat the food waste.

It can be also for sewage treatment plant and all kinds of water containers.

Industrial Large Biogas Plant

TEENWIN Biogas Digester Specification

TEENWIN Biogas Digester capacities from 80 cubic meters to 4,000 cubic meters. TEENWIN can delivery and install the diegster complete with a concrete or steel foundation. Our building crews will ensure that the high quality control measures taken in the factory are kept during installation and start up.

H /DIA 3.6m 4.8m 6.0m 7.2m 8.4m 9.6m 10.8m 12.0m
5.35m 80.82 107.76 134.70 161.64 188.58 215.52 242.46 269.40
6.11m 105.56 140.75 175.93 211.12 246.31 281.49 316.48 351.87
6.87m 133.60 178.13 222.67 267.20 311.73 356.27 400.80 445.33
7.64m 164.94 219.92 274.90 329.88 384.86 439.83 494.81 549.79
8.40m 199.57 266.10 332.62 399.15 465.67 532.20 598.72 655.25

Industrial Large Biogas Plant

Comparison of TEENWIN diegster and concrete digester:

Items Concrete digester TEENWIN digester
Tank cost Expensive Cheap
Corrosion resistance weak corrosion resistance Strong corrosion resistance
Installation difficulty Construction complex, large-scale professional tools Simple construction, not affected by climate
Construction time long short(about 1/3 of the concrete tank construction time)
Ground or underground both both
Easy cleaning performance bad good
Maintain ordinary good
steel thickness >250mm 3-20mm
Service life (years) 30 30
Move Impossible Yes, low cost


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