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Assembly Biogas Plant


Product description:

Teenwin Assembled type digester is composed of a greenhouse made with stainless steel sheet and frame, a membrane digester with an inlet use for feeding the material, and outlet is to flow out the slurry is liquid fertilizer can be used for farm, a biogas filter to clean biogas, and a biogas booster pump support the pressure for generator. The membrane of the digester has characteristics of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant. It is surface mounted; no need for digging or heavy construction. Easy to install, it is a DIY kit biogas system for easy assembly, installation is like building blocks. Just a normal people can install without any training, can be put into use after installed.

TEENWIN assembly biogas plant flow chart:


TEENWIN assembly plant technical parameters:

Model PD-20 PD-50 PD-100 PD-200
Overall volume(m3) 26.0 67.0 134.0 268.0
Weight(kg) 233 570 1100 2250
Packing volume(m3) 1.10 3.50 6.00 11
Max. gas output daily(m3) 8 27 53 100
Gas storage capacity(m3) 10.4 25 50 100
Waste Treatment Capacity (kg) Food waste 170 425 850 1700
Pig manure 300 750 1500 3000
Cow dung 400 1000 2000 4000
Chicken manure 174 435 870 1740
Vegetable waste 400 1000 2000 4000

TEENWIN biogas plant can be used

for farm to treat the animal waste,

for food processing factory and fruit processing factory to treat the waste,

for the slaughterhouse to treat the waste,

for the restaurant to treat the food waste.

It can be also for sewage treatment plant and all kinds of water containers.


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